Clark Louis Gussin (b.1948-)
Naturalistic painter in the classic tradition of portrait, landscape, still life and genre.
Clark Gussin was born in 1948 in Washington, D.C., and grew up there and in North Carolina. As a boy he took an early interest in art and was sent to study oil painting at the Corcoran Gallery Art School for two years. It was there and in the National Gallery that he was exposed to art history first-hand and developed a love for the style and techniques of the Old Masters. He was especially impressed by the 17th century Dutch artists and the Northern Renaissance Flemish painters, who left their imprint on his naturalistic, classic approach to painting. In particular, while at the Corcoran, he saw Albert Biestadt?s famous painting: ?The Last Buffalo?, not knowing the art and history of the West would play such an important part later in his life.
After graduating from High School he enlisted in the Navy, serving during the Vietnam War. After his discharge, he attended the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, where he received a BFA degree with distinction in 1975. While in college he studied under such notable professors in painting and sculpture: Ralph Borge, Jack Mendenhall, Richard Gayton, Don DeVivourous, Vincent Perez, and Jerry Arena. He also studied with the famous poet and playwright, Michael McClure.
Influenced by many contemporary artists such as Andrew Wyeth, James Bama, and Norman Rockwell, Clark felt a special affinity to Andrew Wyeth. The rural countryside and the people Wyeth paints was reminiscent of the farm where Clark spent much of his time as a boy. And , like Bama, he painted not so much the West as the people of the West: the environment Clark found himself in since moving to California.
Clark aspires to create beautiful, naturalistic paintings and drawings about life and humanity that expresses the beauty in the world seen through the eyes of an artist. As a result, Clark wishes to inspire, encourage, and communicate hope to those who observe, admire and collect his art.
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